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Grow your business with DIRECTV
Whether you run a bar, a private practice, or the busiest health club in town, it pays to give your customers the best television experience. DIRECTV has packages designed specifically for your business. Give your customers what they want – the ultimate TV experience.


With hundreds of channels of digital programming, DIRECTV is the nation’s premium provider of high quality entertainment options for your business. The package selections are numerous and include programming for Bars & Restaurants; Shops, Gyms & Lobbies; and Offices.

And for music, Music Choice offers over 80 commercial-free music channels; and all of the music royalty fees are covered!

TV the way you always imagined it.
See how DIRECTV can transform your establishment.
All the sports you love, all in one place.
Get more customers through your doors and keep them coming back with sports packages.
From football to soccer, baseball to cricket, national and international, professional and college — you can see it all, including exclusive sports packages like NFL SUNDAY TICKET, as well as the most sports in crystal-clear HD. DIRECTV delivers a sports experience you can’t get on DISH Network or cable.
Enjoy an unparalleled television experience.
Advanced equipment. Excellent customer service. Get DIRECTV installed today and start enjoying the benefits immediately.
DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program
Included with your DIRECTV subscription at no extra charge, you will be listed on DIRECTV’s exclusive mobile app and have access to the following marketing tools to help you bring in more patrons:
  • Customized advertising & merchandise site
  • On-premise sports kits
  • Sports bar finder iPhone & Android app
  • Weekly sports schedules

Bars & Restaurants
Make your establishment the go-to place for the best sports.
Get what you need to make your business stand out.
With DIRECTV, you get the TV entertainment your customers want, including access to sports packages, like NFL SUNDAY TICKET, you can’t get with any other TV service.
DIRECTV builds your bottom line.
With DIRECTV, you’ll increase foot traffic, repeat customers, and lengths of customer stays with programming tailored for your establishment.
Shops, Gyms & Lobbies
Keep your customers entertained while they shop, wait or work out.
Nothing makes the time fly like great TV entertainment.
DIRECTV offers the perfect TV solution to make waiting or working out an enjoyable entertainment experience.
Smart Solutions for Every Business.
Give Your Customers the Ultimate TV Experience.
Give your employees access to news that shapes the industry.
Increase productivity by creating an informative setting at your office.
DIRECTV’s news and information packages can help you create a positive office atmosphere that boosts creativity and employee satisfaction.
Stay connected and keep your competitive advantage.
In the world of business, competition has never been so fierce. With DIRECTV, you’ll get access to the ultimate source of news and entertainment, giving you the tools to stay on top of the market and have an edge over your competition.


With DIRECTV, you receive the best programming selection and the highest quality transmission; the ultimate TV experience. Our experts will walk you through your options, explain the benefits of DIRECTV, and compose the solution that fits your needs. North Texas Audio Visual will also install your system and supply you with maintenance and any upgrades you desire.

Call us today at 972-961-9237, and let us help you get set up with the best and most reliable TV programming service in the industry, DIRECTV!

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