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Business Music

Did you know that the music you play in your business is actually the heartbeat of your company’s brand? It creates your business energy, flow, and atmosphere. Successful businesses are leveraging business music as a medium to create an experience that attracts and retains customers while also improving employee satisfaction. Go ahead; take a moment and close your eyes. What does your business sound like?

Create the proper ambiance for your business and play music that resonates well with your customers and brand. We can help your business by designing the music system that will create that special environment, improve customer satisfaction, and motivate your employees. Realizing that repeat business equals increased sales, a well-designed business music system can become one of your best assets.

And with our commercial-free music to complement your sound system, we are your one-stop shop for your audio needs. Let our experts help your business sound good!

Music creates a distinct atmosphere and helps foster a particular image.

  • Music affects customers, their behaviors and reactions, and it connects with them at an emotional level. By creating a positive experience and using the right music that properly expresses the brand, a business can use music to connect emotionally with their customers and create a brand image that appeals to their target customer in a powerful and compelling way.

Music can increase sales.

  • Customers tend to shop longer – and buy more – when they are enjoying an environment, and music is one of the most powerful components of a business’s in- store experience. The right music will appeal to the target customer and encourage them to stay a while and spend some more.

Music can increase productivity.

  • It’s a proven fact that employees are more satisfied, more productive and less likely to miss work when the right music is played in the workplace.

Music can retain and gain customers by building brand loyalty.

  • It’s cheaper to keep a customer than gain a new one. Building brand loyalty is more important than ever, and creating an identifiable sound reinforces the relationship that customers have with a business.

Silence is deafening. Have you ever been shopping or dining out and get the feeling that something just isn’t right? Have you thought that if it weren’t for few employees and customers milling about, you might expect the place to be closed? Chances are there’s no music playing in that place. Don’t just think about the positive things that music provides – consider the other perspective and think about the negative things that silence might communicate.


SiriusXM Music for Business

The Sound of Success

SiriusXM Music for Business can transform the mood for your business. With over 100 expertly programmed commercial-free music channels that span over a dozen genres, it’s no wonder this business service is the best choice for restaurants, offices, retail, and businesses of all types and sizes. Join thousands of other businesses and let SiriusXM Music for Business work (and rock) for you!



As an authorized DMX dealer, our company will help you create just the right ambiance for your business.  We can help your business stand out from the rest; by delivering a multi-sensory experience that your customers will not forget.  By using DMX music, video and digital signage, messaging, and scent; we can help you personify and enhance your brand to create lasting connections that encourage customer loyalty.

Music defines you, sets you apart and helps you succeed – from enhancing your product or service to actually impacting customer behavior.  Music can be critical to how customers perceive your business.

Many businesses rely on CDs, mp3 playlists or satellite radio. But, playing DJ takes time away from your day. Employees tend to play what they like, not what’s right for your business. And radio, while fine for listening, isn’t designed specifically for business use. If you’re going to have music for your business, make it work for you. Make it DMX/Mood Music.


DMX/Mood Music allows you to:

  • Stay focused on your business.

  • Create the personality of your brand or business from a library of over 200 channels.

  • Control your environment by ensuring your customer experience is consistent each visit and your music meets your goals.

  • Make an impression by connecting on an emotional level and creating positive associations and lasting customer bonds.

  • Influence behavior with the power of music; excite soothe or move.

  • Keep it legal, since a DMX subscription handles all required music licensing for your business.

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